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Plot 1923
Twilight is a classic love story, but the author has written it in an interesting twist between love and fantasy. I wouldn’t say that the story is original but the way the author, Stephanie Meyer explains things in it makes it special. If I’d put this book in a shelf at the library I wouldn’t really be able to decide where it should be, if it should be in the shelf of fantasy books or in the shelf in the category of love stories.
Personally I’m not a big fan of fantasy books but I Twilight has got “the best of both worlds” without that’s getting out of hand. These books in the series are all written from Bella’s perspective except some parts where you can read it from Jacob’s, which I think that it makes it extra interesting.
The book takes place in Forks what is a small town in Washington, United States and when you read the book you’ll understand it. In Forks the population is just over 3000. It’s often raining and barely sunshine, even in summer time. The author Stephanie Meyer describes it well in the book and there’s also a reason why the books takes place there. In the book they say that vampires can’t be shown in sunshine without people would understand they’re different, because when they do their skin gets shiny, just as sparkling glitter.

In this book there are three main characters, Bella, Edward and Jacob. Bella is an ordinary teenage girl how falls in unconditionally in love with the boy in her school, Edward who is a vampire. Edward is good-looking who loves Bella into death and is really thoughtful and overprotective. The vampire world is hard and together they have to face many problems and which also means that they’ll face some consequences. Jacob who is the third character in the book is Bella’s best friend and it turns out that he is a werewolf. Jacob is tall, big and beefy. The relation between Jacob and Edward is pretty bad. They’re both coming from two enemy clans and it turns out that Jacob has stronger feelings for Bella.

I think that the books in the Twilight series are a new version of the traditional love books, because the story is are based on a classic love story but though she also has fantasy in it makes it to a new, fresh and modern love story with more action than in the classic traditional ones. I think that’s also why the books have become a best seller; it’s fun with something classic and traditional especially a love story in a new version.

Target audience/genre
Because this book is a classic love story with fantasy everybody can read it, but the books in the series are more popular for girls. I think that it could be because of two of the three main characters in the book that are explained as two really nice guys. They both are a perfect example of a girl’s “dream man”. Both are good looking, romantic, thoughtful and very protective.

I’ve read this book a several times in Swedish and I love them all. Why I have chosen to read the third book eclipse was because it happens so much in it. It’s more action in this, than in the two first ones and I like when it always happens something. The book is never boring and you really “come into it” fast, which I LOVE. It feels like you are there. Standing in the background and see and feel it all. When the main characters are sad you get sad too and when they’re lucky you get lucky too. It’s a special feeling which you only get by reading books, my grandma once said “that’s like cinema in you’re head, but better” and I can only agree.

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