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Reviews on Practical Perspectives of M-Commerce in Asean Countries

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M-Commerce or E-Commerce on Mobile is known as a term that describes online sales transactions via wireless electronic devices such as hand-held computers, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets or laptops. These wireless devices interact with computer networks which have ability to conduct online merchandise purchases. It also includes the purchase and sale of a wide range of goods and services, online banking, bill payment, information delivery and so on. Mobile e-commerce is therefore one of the subsets of electronic commerce.
In 2015, Thailand and other countries in ASEAN will have free trading. The rapidity of trading must be the first priority. The M–Commerce offers a great solution to support ASEAN markets. Therefore, Thailand should realize and prepare concrete plans to manage technology in order to support the growth of M-commerce.
This paper provides the reviews of M-Commerce fundamentals in order to help business units, especially the people who have no IT background, to understand the key elements and general issues from M-Commerce. The objective is to explore M-commerce in Thailand market by learning success case study from the capital of M-commerce in Japan. For instance, Line and Rakuten were jump to success after they introduced the systematic of M-commerce.
There is case study report named “Study Smartphone users in Thailand” from LINE Corporation. The report reveals that there are 22 million Line users and 25% were subscribed to the LINE sale channel, however, only 8.8% had direct access from smart phone. Nevertheless, it is many constrain to make the E- Commerce on mobile due to user is not confidence or trust the system. Most of the people are decided to preview goods on mobile but purchase on desktop. The reviews on perspective of such an M-commerce provided information and suggestion on characteristics of M-Commerce that can be adapted into ASEAN countries.

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