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Analysis of Team Charter John Cooper Jr. MGT/521 February 7, 2011 Sally Walters Analysis of Team Charter This paper after thorough analysis will explain the purpose of a team charter and show how it is used to improve performance. To explain the purpose of the team charter the author of this paper will consider individual personalities, listening skills, and trust levels, of each of its group members. After consideration of the individual differences as well as the members’ strengths and weaknesses, it will show how the uniqueness of each individual is used in a positive and meaningful way. The first analysis begins with Michael Duensing. According to the Jungian 16-type personality assessment, Michael has the characteristics and traits of an independent, determined, and critical thinker. Michael shows through his excellent written communication abilities, organizational skills and his ability to think outside the box; that he will be an effective leader for this team. He is known as trustworthy and listens to others well. Michael is understanding of other people’s needs, and is receptive to new ideas given. Michael’s characteristics are indicative of a project leader; his position as the leader of the learning team will serve the group well. Through this team charter Michael developed specific guidelines and defined expectations, for each member of the team. He is determined, dedicated, and devoted to the success of everyone involved (University of Phoenix, 2011). The second analysis in this paper begins with Lisa Watley. According to the personality assessment Lisa is a highly optimistic, people-oriented, and creative person. Lisa’s contribution to the team charter is very helpful and her input is much appreciated. Her...

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