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Revision Template

Follow the instructions provided in your syllabus and prepare a response to the feedback you received on the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay to complete the table below. Use Microsoft® Word formatting features to add rows to the template, as needed.

Student’s Name: Melissa Cook

|Faculty Feedback |Faculty Feedback in My Own Words |My Detailed and Specific Action Plan to Integrate Faculty |
| | |Feedback in My Revised Essay |
|(Include comment numbers, as appropriate) | | |
| | |(Include APA manual page numbers, as appropriate) |
|While your paper is well written- it isnt addressing the |My paper was structed well, but it did not answer the questions of|I need to go back over the assignment and make sure my |
|questions of the prompt or evaluating the articles as asked. |the prompt or evaluate the given articles sufficiently. |revision answers all the questions. I need to work within |
| | |the parameters of the assignment. I went on a tangent and |
| | |forgot to go back and root it in the topic. I...

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