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Revive Lemonade

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Revive Lemonade

Revive Lemonade is a Lemonade made from fresh organically grown lemon and raw honey. Revive Lemonade is considered not just for it’s delicious taste but it is considered for a fresh start to clean health in a cup. Revive Lemonade was created as a new way to introduce raw foods in to one of the highest rated obesity community in the City Chicago. In the past several month this community along has been the rated number one area for high blood pressure and diabetes disease case in the whole City of Chicago.
Revive Lemonade has the ability to change life for the better for a longer lasting future. Our mission is to bring healthier food in this community.
First, a mission statement is a brief expression of why the company exists. (Bovee pg. 144)

“The mission statement sums up your company's direction and outlines goals for what you and your management team hopes to accomplish, both in the business and the industry you serve.
Just as you want to establish your direction as a business, it is equally important to establish it for the public. Consumers, industry partners, media professionals and more should all be able to read your mission statement and understand your direction as a company and why you've chosen that focus. The mission statement should communicate why your goals were established and why they are important to your company's overall direction.”

Revive Lemonade plans to open ten Lemonade stands this summer and later eight Farmer Markets. This allows our neighbors and friends to have access to smarter and healthier choices.
Proactive CSR
Revive Lemonade believes that it is a job of a nation as a whole to take back our community and stores. By incorporating and opening a Revive Lemonade stand along with a Farmer’s Market with in a two/three block radius from every major intersection.
Revive Lemonade will be made available for a nice cold delicious a healthier choice. Freshly organically squeezed lemonade that has the ability to rejuvenate your mind and internally reset your body and not mention helps quench your thirst.
There will be a Revive stand waiting for you before one could even reach the current community stores for the unhealthier choices.

Market Demand
Revive Lemonade will become customer’s first choice for the brand of Lemonade. When customer’s starts feeling there new revive energy, seeing their health improve dramatically. Our customer will experience the heavens in the cup and become loyal value customers.
Going global is not an option at this point Revive Lemonade is being made especially for our community. Our company at very high risk maybe later if there was land to invest and to develop a organically base plant within a central radius but at the moment this wouldn’t serve the need of this community nor help the lives the needs to be save from the slow internal disease that is taking over this community called obesity.
Revive Lemonade outcome is made by the freshness of the lemons that we use. The fresher the lemon the better the results you experience in your health. One will gain higher values of all natural vitamins, nutrients and enzymes which are the main sources in allowing one body to fight off this disease.
Building a community full of healthy foods may help to stop and eliminate process foods being imported into this community. The opening of these ten new Revive Lemonade stand will be the beginning process of rebuilding an overall healthier community.

Bovee, Courtland L., John Thill. Business in Action, 6th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2/2012. VitalBook file.

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