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Revolutionizing the Rtail Sector

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Revolutionizing the retail sector :


Digipos is one of the top rank leading technology companies specialized in advanced systems. As DigiPos has already its weight in the market through its own range of systems that proved its quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, it was a must to continue the innovation strategy to keep its rank in the fast growing market. So DigiPos decided to launch the first Electronic Point of Sale system which called the DigiPos Retail Blade System in 2004. Followed by the traditional Blade system, DigiPos launched the Quantum Blade Systems in 2009, adding more features and benefits to prove its lead in the market and to maintain customer satisfaction by a unique products and services. DigiPos has a business strategy that its innovation will never ends.

DigiPos has been using Intel Technology to be the back bone support for its innovation plan. Using Intel latest technologies Digipos was able to meet the market challenge, customer satisfaction and to fix its weight and rank in the market. One of the main computing problems that DigiPos was facing in its systems that the system upgrades, which usually needs to take place every five to seven years, has been performed by replacing the overall hardware. It’s a process that takes time and effort, and retail stores must close during the process. This caused retail business loss in revenue and customer satisfaction which mainly affects the reputation and the brand according to the downtime. Following the innovation and continuous improvement strategy, DigiPos was able to find the solution through the Partner Intel. The solution was the Blade technology. In 2004 DigiPos launched the first Blade EpoS Retail systems, which allowed retail stores to upgrade without replacing the whole hardware. The blade technology allowed to upgrade by just replacing the specific parts of...

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