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Recognising and rewarding employees
This tool provides a list of reward and recognition options for team leaders to consider. Successful use of reward and recognition in the work place will help team leaders to ensure that team members feel supported, valued and enjoy job satisfaction.

When used appropriately in an environment of trust, recognition and reward supports the development and enhancement of:
( Productive work cultures
( Commitment
( Attraction and retention of outstanding staff
( Career and professional development
( Positive and constructive work environments
( Ongoing learning
( Collaboration
( Employee satisfaction

How to recognise and reward team members

To be effective, the process of providing recognition and reward should adhere to the following principles:
( It should always be genuine and sincere – that is, you must believe it is worth giving
( It should not be used in a manipulative or inequitable way
( It should reward and recognize achievements that further the collective cause of the team and is linked to this common vision as well as individual success
( It should be linked to the leadership principles of having high expectations of others and having a credible record of achievement oneself
( Recognition of self-evaluation and of learning from mistakes is as important as recognition of achievement
( Recognition should be an everyday informal activity, as well as a ceremonial one
( Recognition and reward shouldn’t be ‘overdone’

Types of recognition and reward

General types of recognition and reward include:
( A simple thank you for a job well done
( Praise on specific accomplishments or efforts and in the presence of others
( Spontaneous praise
( Formal public recognition
( Informal acknowledgements such saying thank you face-to-face or via email
( Letters of appreciation (from a more senior manager)...

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