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Review of ‘’The Kite Runner’’

The Kite Runner is a touching movie about guilt, family, true friendship and cultural differences.

Title: The Kite Runner
Instructed by: Marc Fosters
Year of production: 2007
Based on a book called ‘’The Kite Runner’’ witch is written by Khaled Hosseinis

In the city of Kabul lives a young boy called Amir together with his father Baba, his father’s servant Ali and Ali’s son Hassan, who is Amir’s best friend.
The two boys Amir and Hassan are always together, but an incident, where Amir fails to support his friend, at the yearly kite competition, makes the two friends fall apart.
Because of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Amir and his father are being forced to flee from their home country and move to USA. After living twenty years in USA, where he gets his own family, Amir returns to his home city in Afghanistan, to confront the past, and to clean his conscience. Unfortunately Taliban rules his country; witch makes it difficult to complete his dangerous task.

The movie is very special and intense, and will without doubt shock you in more than one-way.
I think The Kite Runner is a good movie, and worth watching, for the persons who like these types of movies. The film gives you a better insight of how it was in Afghanistan before and after Taliban started ruling. Though I think the way the film turns out in the end, where Amir tries to rescue the son of Hassan, in some way is too much like an action film, and therefore doesn’t fit with the rest. It gets a little bit too fantastic, but otherwise, I think the movie has a good connection all the way through and with a lot of good acting.
It is probably not a movie I would watch again if I had the choice, but I still think that it’s a movie everybody should watch at least once, because it’s a movie that makes you think, and put your life in perspective.