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Rex Walls And Rose Mary's Questionable Parenting

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Rex Walls’ and Rose Mary’s Questionable Parenting Being married and having kids doesn't make good parents. Good parenting usually comes from a united and loving marriage. In the memoir The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls struggles through life but still makes it through tough times. Rex and Rose Mary Walls are not great parents because they put there own needs in front of the needs of their children and are inadequate role models. Rex Walls and Rose Mary buy unnecessary artifacts not needed in their time of need, therefore putting themselves in front the kids. Rose Mary and Rex Walls were thinking about buying their kids beds shortly after moving, but Jeannette’s “Mom decided that what we really needed was a piano.” (Walls 52) This kind of parenting is terrible because the piano wasn’t needed in this case, the kids needed a bed. Therefore they put their own needs and things that they want in front of the things that their children need. …show more content…
Parents should try their best to look good in their kids eyes, in order for their kids to grow up and be a responsible adults. Rex Walls is always drinking and doesn’t stop even though Jeannette asked him to stop for her 10th birthday. Rex Walls even takes his kids to the bar, that’s how much of an alcoholic he is. Instead of the kids worrying about something like not doing their homework, they have to worry about her dad getting home drunk trying to hit their mom. According to parents’ magazine, “The best way to instill values is to be a strong and present role model.”(What makes a Great Parent?) Kids should be seeing positive things at their house, having a loving family instead of

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