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Rfid-Working with Rfid

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Working with RFID

Technofutur 3
Turning Client Vision into Results

Gosselies, 23 February 2005

An International Player

A leading international IT services company providing business consulting, technology integration and managed operations
• Annual revenues over € 5 bn
• 45,000 employees
• In 50 countries


Turning Client Vision into Results

The Olympic Games – Winning IT for a successful world-class event
Atos Origin is proud to serve as the official “Worldwide
Information Technology partner” for the Athens 2004, Turin
2006, and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

We provide the people, processes and technology supporting the Games. We are responsible for the overall IT strategy, project management, key software integration, network security and data integrity.

With over 3 billion people all over the world watching, no single project could better illustrate our commitment to delivery


Turning Client Vision into Results

Atos Origin & RFID

February 2005

The Integrated IT architecture of the Real Time Enterprise


Turning Client Vision into Results

The Integrated IT architecture of the Real Time Enterprise






Chained into reality with RFID….

Turning Client Vision into Results

RFID Markets & Applications
RFID-EPC enabled systems offer significant benefits in a wide variety of supply chain oriented applications

Lower Labor Costs
Out-of-Stock Triggers
Reducing Shrinkage
Reducing Inventories
Locating Products
Real-time supply/demand data
Smart Shelves
Reverse Logistics
Customer Convenience

Tracking Hospital Equipment
Patient ID and Tracking
Preventing Medication Errors
Tracking Samples, Vials etc.
Environmental Monitoring
(e.g. Blood…...

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