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July 25, 2010

Mr. Yato c/o Hasituku Manufacturing
110 Hillcret Avenue
New York, NY 20232

Dear Mr. Yato,

This letter is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for using an outside independent source to train Hasituku Manufacturing professionals on an upgrade of Microsoft Windows office 2003 to Microsoft Office Windows 2010.

Company Background: Hasituku Manufacturing is a private company that manufactures and markets water vehicles. Hasituku has two manufacturing facilities in South Carolina the other being in Nagano, Japan. Our North American Manufacturing and Sales office is located here in NY. We sell our products all over North America, Europe and Asia. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010 our net revenues neared 1.5 million. Our assets although private, are in excess of 100 million. Due to the recession of 2009 our profit margin dropped tremendously. We market an exclusive luxury wave runner. For further information about our product please visit
Our Headquarters here in NY, has 110 professionals including all upper executive positions. These professionals are divided into The Manufacturing and The Sales Divisions. These professionals are in charge of all operations in North America. They are continuously asked to perform numerous office tasks in various forms.
Project Description: The RFP is for an external software company to train our professionals to be proficient in Microsoft Office 2010. Our company is currently using the outdated Microsoft Office 2003. This software is becoming increasingly old and obsolete. The fact that most of our employee’s have never been even trained on the Microsoft Office 2007 has put Hasituku 2 generations behind cutting edge software. The improvements made in Microsoft Windows 2007 let alone Microsoft Windows 2010 are huge. Productivity would vastly improve with the professionals at Hasituku in their...

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