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Azza Al Qubaisi and her ARJMST Brand: Passion for creativity I. Background i. ARJMST
ARJMST is a local Emirati jewelry brand which was founded by Azza AlQubaisi who designs and makes the jewelry by herself. It was founded in 2002 in Abu Dhabi city, United Arab Emirates and it is specialized in selling jewelry and designing trophies for all the occasions. Azza’s designs are inspired from UAE’s nature and traditions and transformed into unique jewelry, rosaries and showpieces. All the pieces are used to be sold in a gallery in Wafi City- Dubai but the gallery was closed and replaced by an online store. Beside the online store, ARJMST pieces are also sold in Etihad Airlines and in different exhibitions including the latest international jewelry and watch exhibition 2013 in Abu Dhabi. ii. The Founder
Azza AlQubaisi is a young Emirati jewelry designer from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In 1997, Azza started her higher education in London Guildhall University in Arts and later on graduated with a B.A. in Jewelry Design and Allied Crafts in 2002 and held many exhibitions in UAE as well as other cities such as London and Helsinki since then. After graduation, she started her jewelry designing career as the first Emirati jewelry Artist, Corporate Gift and Awards Designer and established her own brand “ARJMST”. She is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, London since 2002.

II. The story

“The dessert dunes, the shapes, patterns, texture and color of the grains of sand highlighted by a few green strokes…There is movement in the far distance coming closer every minute until I can see my own reflection in the eyes of the wise man walking in front of a caravan...”- Azza AlQubaisi (Azza alQubaisi, 2013)

In 1997, Azza’s journey started in the United Kingdom. She chose to complete her higher education in Chelsea College of Art and Design...

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