Rh Bill: an Insight Fom the Ignorant

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Reproductive Health Bill: Another Religion versus Science Encounter
Disadvantage | Advantage |
The disadvantage of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is the undue focus being given to reproductive health and population and development, when many more urgent and important health problems need to be addressed in the country, those that cause a significant number of deaths across the country such as cardiovascular diseases and infections. | The advantage of Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is that hopes to provide midwives for skilled attendance to childbirth and emergency obstetric care, even in geographically isolated and depressed areas. Thus, the one of the causes of maternal mortality, that arising from unattended births, will be addressed.
Catholic Church teaches that married couples may take advantage of the natural cycles of the reproductive system and use their marriage precisely those times that are infertile (natural family planning); in which case the RH Bill provided otherwise. | The RH Bill can greatly alter the increasing percentage of victims of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and more. |

It is not fair for me to make a firm stand on the issue of institutionalizing the Reproductive Health Bill for the very fact that I, like most of us, have not read the entire provisions of the Bill. And I know for sure, that most of those who continuously blabber about the negativity of the bill have not read the entire legislation as well. It is pitiful to think that most of us battle and argue about this bill when most of us are half-blind about it.
Despite this manifestation of my ignorance, I still find the passing of the Reproductive Health bill to become a national law, very fitting and timely considering the situation we have in our country. First and foremost, knowing…...