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The Reproductive health bill or RH bill is a comprehensive law in the Philippines that promotes birth control and maternal the bill has been introduced as early as the year 2000 by Albany Representative Excel Lagan but the bill has not been implemented nor approved in the congress and in the senate. The bill is designed to control the population in the country by promoting family planning methods and contraceptives using condoms, pills and other devices that will be distributed to the public they will also disseminate information in various communities and municipalities.

There are thousands of people opposing such bill including then on, the academe, some political people and the church are against the bill. Through this concept there are various arguments that arises the contra has been debating for years and they are arguing about its effect. As of this year of 2011 the implementation of such law has not been allowed, the final debate and the implementation or abolition of the law is expected to be reviewed within the year of and hopefully it will be finalized by 2012 to make the necessary resolution if such law is worthy to be included in the Philippines.

It is true that most Filipinos are in favor of family, there are bills that also promote such family planning method like Senate bill 2378 by Miriam Defense Santiago and it is almost the same system, but there are differences in RH bill and these differences creates so much arguments. Here are some of the following arguments I have collected from various people who are engage in rallies and activities that opposes bills including, this also includes the people who are willing and in favor to accept the bill. These are the collection of professionals and layman’s opinions from people around the community and this includes the following;
1. The Philippines belongs…...