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To our beloved principal Madam Lolita M. Arciaga, to the administrative officer Madam Zenaida Batingana and the faculty; my fellow graduates, parents and guardians, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.
Class 2011 today is a turning point of our lives. We have spent the past four years in searching the halls of this great school, Doña Carmen Denia National High School, and now we are gathered here to be rewarded; to reap the fruits of our labor and to claim the merits for our endeavors.

When we first entered the portals of our dear Alma Mater, we were filled with hopes and dreams. We hope to satisfy our parents with good grades. We hope to excel in the class. We struggled to be on top. Thus, we must be proud for ourselves. We should be honored for we surpassed and conquered the challenges in high school. We should be happy because we survived.

For four years we learned, laughed, cried, and most of all matured together. However, today doesn’t just about reminiscing the past, it’s about looking forward to the future.

Life is a sequence of passageways. We are leaving one and move to the next. When we reach college we will start over another journey. We will meet new people, make new friendship and learn new things. We will grow older, more mature, more responsible and independent. After that, we are left to pass through the unmapped area and that is our future.

As I gaze over the many faces I witness today, discernment of individuals are washed away. I no longer see students as they were; I see them as what they will be. So, rather than a young boy failing all his subjects and getting reds in his card, I see the next Isaac Newton making new discoveries. I know this gymnasium holds the future’s great leaders and that all of us will contribute to the fabric of the next decade in some way.

You know comrades, until now I can’t believe I am…...