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Dear Sir/Madame,

Congratulations on your new job! We would like to welcome you at King Abdulaziz Medical City.

Our Meet & Greet Staff will meet you at the airport--usually in the Immigration or Customs area or in the baggage claim area. We have advised them of your arrival details. If for some reason you are not met, you may visit our KAMC Meet & Greet Office in the basement of the international terminal (ph# 221-2892; you may also page the on-call Meet & Greet contacts at 8011111 pager 5656 or 7502, or call mobile# 0559486973 and 0550901860 (24 hours).

In order for our NGHA Meet & Greet representative to easily identify you at the airport, it is important that you wear the temporary badge that the agency provided. This badge is bilingual and carries the NGHA logo. It should be worn in a prominent place so it is clearly visible.

It is also advisable to bring the equivalent of US$300-500 (1,125-1,800 Saudi Riyals) to cover any costs for your first month until you receive your first salary. New arrivals will find it convenient if they bring 500 Saudi Riyals in the event that they want to purchase groceries the first night on the compound.

The first working day after you arrive, please come to the Corporate International Recruitment Services office by 8:30am - located in the basement of the New Administration Building. We will complete contract details (if necessary) and all the necessary new hire formalities. Please bring with you your original passport and 10 passport size colored photographs. You have to bring as well your original current professional license (with official notarized English translations, if applicable), notarized copies of degree/diploma/training & education certificates. If these documents are not produced in English, these must be accompanied with notarized official English Translation.