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Case study


A. Name: Jennifer Alatan
B. Sex: Female
C. Address: Bagacay,Dauin, Negros Oriental
D. Age: 10 years old
E. School: Masaplod Sur Elementary School
F. Grade Level: Grade 5
G. Covered Period of Observation: December 04- January 07,2011
H. Source of Information: Parents and brother
I. Appearance: She is a small girl andhave a long hair. She is thin that would fit her petite appearance.
J. Definition of problems:
She is able to read the text but cannot comprehend well of what she is reading. She needs more practice on how to comprehend of what she is reading. Though ha cannot pronounce some words but she is willing to learn and not shy to ask some help from me even in reading some difficult words. She needs more practice in some spelling and vocabulary.

Home Background and Family History

I. Parents
Mother: Juliet Alatan
Age: 40 years old
Occupation: Housewife
Father: Raymundo Balanay
Age: 57 years old
Physique and health: Strong and healthy
Occupation: Farmer and Accupuncturist
Attitudes towards children:
He loves to play his children and taught them about their projects and homework even if he is busy working. He would find time to be with his family though he will scold them if they will commit any mistakes so that they will also learn.
Social Status: Middle

A. Siblings

Name Age Physique and Education
1. Mark oliver Alatan 22 years old Healthy College Graduate
2.Mark Orben Alatan 22 years old Healthy College Graduate
3. Mary Grace Alatan 13 years old Healthy 2nd year High School
4. Nina Mae Alatan 8 years old Healthy Grade 3

B. Physical, Socio-economic and Cultural Environment

1. Description of the community
They are living in one of the barangay in Dauin wherein it is estimated 7 kms away from the highway. They are living in a farm which…...