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Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012
The Philippines is one of the countries experiencing population explosion. Our population is sparking an intensifying discussion on various environmental, health and economic issues. It is said to be the root cause of extreme poverty, high crime rates, destructive ecological backlash, depletion of natural resources and unmanageable health problems. So, how can we address this problem?
A very good model to this is the most controversial "Reproductive Health Bill". House Bill No. 5043 - An act providing for a national policy on reproductive health, responsible parenthood, population development and for other purposes. This act shall be known as the "Reproductive Health and Development Act of 2008".
This bill aims to promote responsible parenthood, properly conceptualized birth spacing and respect for life in consonance with the internationally recognized human rights standard. It also guarantees universal access to medically safe, legal, affordable, and quality reproductive health care services either on modern or natural methods, devices, and supplies all for the promotion of gender equality and woman empowerment. It does not only aim to mold citizens but to also prevent reproductive tract infections such as HIV, AIDS and STD.
If people will acquire pertinent information on what RH Bill is all about then misconceptions will be addressed and they will realize that this bill is not anti-life but a pro-life mandate. We can never achieve prosperity if our population is rapidly increasing as our natural resources are diminishing leaving behind sickly population unfit to work efficiently.
With the RH Bill, we can raise healthier, God-fearing and responsible citizens of our country. Healthy parents surely give rise to healthy offspring and healthy families are building blocks of a prosperous nation for the…...