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When I was still a child, I thought going to school was enough to make you a complete student. The first time I went to school was very exciting. I met new friends and I saw a different world from my house. I was 4 years old that time that I was satisfied in that everyday life of being a student. But it became different when I was enrolled into a new and private school, the La Union Cultural Institute.
When I saw the school, I refused to enter but I was somewhat amazed because it has taller buildings rather than that of my school before. I heard also many murmurs about this institution before I stepped in. Murmurs that made me confident in entering this one of a kind institution. Some parents say that LUCI has two curriculums, the Chinese curriculum and the English curriculum. Having two curriculums was a unique one because you’ll not just learn Mathematics, English, Science and many more but you’ll also learn a different culture that is the Chinese Culture. In every school year, the students of LUCI acquire the knowledge of the Chinese culture and their own culture. They also say that this institution had produced many students who compete globally in terms of academics and sports.
I never knew that this institution is really big. When I entered at this school, I was very shy, because I thought all of the students in this school are Chinese but to my surprise there are so many Filipinos and that I started to gain confidence because of the friendship that the students gave to me as a welcome.
They say that if a LUCIan stepped out of their school gate, they feel higher than that of other students. I don’t know about these murmurs until I found out all from it. I noticed before that when I enter the gate, I saw these banners full of names and congratulations. In that scene alone, it answers all these murmurs I heard, that many of the students of this…...