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Sherrylyn M. Ferrer
Block 81 Lot. 29 Rose St. Barangay Rizal Makati City
Contact No.: 09269337604

To be employed, where I can enhance my skills and develop my potentials in building my personal career, which can also be a better training and experience towards success. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND

TERTIARY :Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing 2010-2014 Bantangas State University ARASOF Nasugbu Campus Bucana, Nasugbu, Batangas SECONDARY : Lian National High School
2005-2009 Malaruhatan Lian, Batangas

PRIMARY : Kapito Elementary School

September 27, 2010 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2010 World Trade Center Pasay City October 3, 2012 CASHFLOW 101 Seminar –Workshop Sevilla Hall, BatStateU ARASOF Nasugbu, Batangas September 1, 2012 Leadership Seminar-Workshop: KabataanPag-asakang Bayan Sevilla Hall, BatStateU ARASOF Nasugbu, Batangas February 15, 2013 The Empowerment of Youth Entrepreneurship Immaculate Conception College Balayan, Batangas September 4, 2013 An Orientation Seminar on OJT, Job Placement and Review Classes JOSON Gymnasium, BatStateU ARASOF Nasugbu, Batangas WORK /TRAINING’S EXPERIENCES

November 2013-February 2014 On-the-Job Training BangkoKabayan Inc., NasugbuBatangas April 2014 – July 2014 Cashier Jabez Medical Center Nasugbu, Batangas August 2014- December 2014 Sales Clerk Meridien Business Leader Inc. (MBL) SM Aura 26th st.Corner Mckinley Parkway Brgy. Fort Bonifacio,Global City, Taguig City April 2015 – September 2015 Service Desk Officer (Receptionist) Pico De Loro Cove Condominium Hamilo Coast, Brgy, Papaya Nasugbu Batangas November 12-2015 Teller Smart Park System Solution Inc. Bonifacio Global City Highstreet e


* Good in Communication * Hardworking * Flexible and has a good interpersonal relationship * Key skills include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power point

Mrs. Teresa D. Calma Mr. Allan Noel G. Tiangco Adviser/Class Adviser BSBA, Program Chair BatStateU-ARASOF BatStateU-ARASOF 09156954186 09164900596


Date of Birth : November 21, 1992
Place of Birth : Brgy. KapitoLianBatangas
Age : 23 years old
Height : 5’3
Weight : 49kg
Civil Status : Single
Religion : Iglesia Ni Cristo
Nationality : Filipino
Father’s Name : Jerry R. Ferrer
Mother’s Name : Mercedita M. Ferrer
Language Spoken : Tagalog and English CHARACTER REFERENCE Mrs. Teresa D. Calma Mr. Allan Noel G. Tiangco Adviser/Class Adviser BSBA, Program Chair BatStateU-ARASOF BatStateU-ARASOF 09156954186 09164900596

Ms. Josephine S. Delos Reyes Ms. Jenilyn Tubig Officer in Charge At Bangko kabayan Team Leader/ Supervisor 09156527144 Brgy. Bucana Nasugbu Batngas 09356409803

I hereby affirm that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. ____________________ Sherrylyn M. Ferrer Applicant

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