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Rheti Ennegram

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For this discussion I had to take the RHETI Ennegram sampler test, and according to the results I am one of those that fall into type nine; the peacemaker. “The peacemaker is basically easy going, accepting, trusting, grounded, and supportive person, which pretty much describes me to the tee ("Rheti Sampler Test Results", (1998-2013); I strive on ensuring that everything that I have a hand in runs smoothly and without conflict. The only thing that I had never thought of myself as though was being, “able to bring people together and heal conflicts ("Rheti Sampler Test Results", (1998-2013). With my personality type dealing with conflict is sometimes a struggle, since I can be emotionally withdrawn and unwilling to deal with anything that upsets me; I actually do try to stay away of those types of conflicts. I would actually prefer if someone else handles conflict that is to emotionally heavy for me. When I do handle conflict, I am usually calm and collected. I can talk to people in such ways that calm them down and allow them to discuss the situation at hand, instead of fighting or bickering about it. I do believe that sometimes I am the voice of reason within those conflicts, but where it comes from I do not know.
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The first thing I would do in Maria’s position would be to stop and take a moment to calm down about the upcoming changes, since not all changes will be set in stone to begin with and it would give me time to present my ideas in how things should run when it relates to the customers. I would think about what I currently do to handle these accounts and compare them to the upcoming changes I have heard about; being sure about what I have heard is detrimental, since my proposal would be the best possible solution in…...

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