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Rhetoric of Hrm

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The Rhetoric of HRM is Soft But the Reality is Hard
HRM Viewed as a Rhetorical Device
Mulvaney, P (2012)

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Paul Mulvaney N00128352. Course DL243f



Where does the HRM rhetoric–reality gap exist........................................4

Why has management used HRM as a rhetorical device...........................5

How has HRM rhetoric penetrated work culture.......................................6



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Paul Mulvaney N00128352. Course DL243f


The gap between the soft rhetoric contained within corporate communications and the sometimes hard realities of organisational life has received much attention within the HRM literature. The debate centres on the issue of managements’ ability and intent to implement soft HRM practices, which appear to offer value to both sides of the employment relationship. The following paper aims to address the where, why and how of HRM rhetoric’s influence on employment. The key issues are: Where and in what context is there a lack of congruence between the perceived promises of management and employee experience? Why and to what end has management used HRM as a rhetorical device? And how has management sought to achieve their goals through soft rhetoric?

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Paul Mulvaney N00128352. Course DL243f


If we agree with Fowler that HRM’s emergence occurred through: “not what it is, but who is saying it” and that “HRM represents the discovery of personnel management by chief executives” (1987, p. 3), then HRM’s rhetoric...

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