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Rhetorical Analysis Of Youtube Advertising

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As technology widens in a growing society, advertisements has changed to appeal and affect people over time. Companies and organizations use many different rhetoric skills to try to connect to an audience and to bring attention to whatever they may be trying to focus on. In the “#CATmageddon” YouTube ad, truthorange, an anti-smoking organization tries to appeal to the young generation through the use of cats. Truthorange uses pathos as a rhetoric skill to appeal to the younger generation by connecting with them using pop-culture and emotional connections. Since the founding of YouTube in 2005, they have reached up to 3 billion views per day. There are 48 hours worth of video uploaded every minute ( With the usurped amount of YouTube videos, there are over 2 million that feature cats, totaling up to nearly 25 billion views just about cats along ( With these statistics, it is safe to say that the takeover of cats on the internet has led to a mainstream culture shift. Companies and …show more content…
By using a medium to attract viewers that is in its intended audience would enjoy, the organization has an easier job trying to get the purpose of the ad across. Truthorange uses an emotional appeal to cause an effect on the viewer to quit smoking. The true motivation of the ad is not to save cat videos, but rather end smoking. The organization motivates the young generation to be the one that quits smoking, and instead of being a normal ad that uses fear or past experiences, uses a since of love and emotional attachment to cats and cat videos. “#CATmageddon” achieves its goal in using rhetoric by appealing to its intended audience and drawing them in to get the message across. The use of rhetoric makes the video very affective, and is another example of how using rhetoric can lead to success in advertisement in today’s society and new age of

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