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The Empty Seat psa is effective in getting its message across to not let someone commit suicide and to recognize the signs before it’s too late. The ad uses primarily the pathos and ethos appeals to reach its audience, with the majority of the logos appeal in the end. It uses several visual and audio tools to set a grim and drear tone through the ad and then uplift it towards the end.
The ad effectively uses several things as tools to appeal and influence the emotions of its audience. Right from the start the ad is playing a slow song and it slowly zooms out to show an empty seat where a student is missing. This grabs the audience’s attention, then in the next scene the audience sees another classroom. In this classroom the students are painting and another empty seat is shown. This makes the audience feel now that something is wrong. More and more classrooms and school activities are shown with students missing. This repetition is being used to set the feeling into the audience that something is wrong, and in the scenes the other students are carrying on with their activities and classes as if nothing is wrong makes the scenes feel even more wrong. In the scene with the birthday cake and the candles, the dark room and the image of the once again empty chair almost everything is being used to touch the audience. The room being dark sets a grim tone. The birthday party itself is familiar and a very personal time that every audience member should relate to in a positive way, giving the audience the expectation of a child waiting in the chair to blow out the candles. This makes it even more heartbreaking when the audience finds the chair empty. In the scene with the family putting flowers on the grave and all the students come to the grave, it gives the audience the conclusion…...

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