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Rhetorical Techniques In Esther Thorson's Dissecting An Ad

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“Dissect an Ad by Esther Thorson is is a informative essay about the importance of evaluating political campaign ads, which contains a guide that lists and explains the persuasive tools used in them. Thorson stresses on the importance of citizens to closely look ad the ads of the political ads and examine them. In the guide, Thorson states that it is important to recognize and analyze the candidates mythologies, background, props, emotions, appeals, music, editing, clothing, depicted actions, and exaggerated and code words. After each category, or structural feature, the author explains the effect the specific aspect of the ad has on the viewers, what the politician is trying to convey, and uses examples to back them up. This essay reminds of the current presidential election because ads and the way the candidates portray themselves and the opponent are very important. This also isn’t the …show more content…
For example, under the “Props” category, she states the purpose of props in an ad, which are “objects shown in the scenes”, and follows the purpose with examples of props used in ads such as “desks”, “headlines in newspapers”, and “a podium”. By using this format for each category in her essay, Thorson helps inform the reader and describes it to them using examples, which gives the reader a clearer understanding of the topic. In addition, it allows the reader to relate the topic with what they might have seen in a political ad before. The exemplification shows how the ads appeal to the citizen’s emotions, persuading them one way or another. Thorson uses a list to create a guide for the reader to follow when looking carefully at and analyzing an ad. By creating a guide, Thorburn makes this essay informative since this method shows specific, concise aspects of an ad to look

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