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In her parents’ pristine new home on palms beach, Isabella really was starting to push her limits. As her parents went away for a well-earned holiday, she decided to take advantage of this and have a little 17th get together. But that night turned out to be a bit larger than that, and Isabella was in no state to fix it now. She was having an amazing time. Not a care in the world. Why would there be on the night of your birthday, as drunk as a skunk. But one person got in the way of that..Isabella found her so called ‘best friend’ hooking up with her boyfriend. She thought her night could not get any worse. She was wrong. The beats were pumping until early hours of the morning, but then the ‘pigs’ arrived. Sirens blazing. This was not how Isabella had expected to end her amazing night. The sound of her heart beat could be heard a mile away. She started to sweat knowing this was not going to end well. They arrived in their big @@@@ cars at the front door of Isabelle’s house. This was Isabella’s worst night mare coming true. She had no idea what to do. Where to go.
Sitting in the far corner of the shed, a miserable mess. Tears running down her precious face, dripping off her chin. Her thoughts are scattered everywhere, and she didn’t have a clue in the world. If only her parents were there to help her, and make the decision for her. What was thought to be the easiest option was for Isabella to run and hide to try escape the misery and pain she would otherwise be in. She still felt the heartache of leaving her own party with the police there, looking for the owners everywhere, but nowhere to be seen.
She spotted spolights on the door of the shed. She knew she had to escape quickly before she got caught. The back window seemed like a perfect exit.
Her soft hair whistling in the wind, and her eyes as clear as diamonds shining in the light, wondering how her life changed so much. Where was she going? What had she become? It was something she didn’t enjoy the thought of. Standing ankle deep in the pristine water, she pondered what the next step of her life was going to be. This moment of reflection had changed the future and who Isabella was about to become.

Main problem at the end when she faces her parents and get flogged.
Main message: take ownership and drinking is bad

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