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Richard Branson Business Leadership Analysis

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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born on July 18th 1950 in Surry, England (Branson, 2009). Branson’s father was a barrister, a particular type of lawyer in the English law system. Branson’s mother was a flight attendant. Dyslexic since he was a child Branson never excelled academically; however, Branson did show promise as a leader early in life. After being moved from the Scaitcliffe School to the Stowe School, a boarding school, for being a “menace” he quickly became the captain of his cricket and soccer teams. Branson would later state that his ability in sports contributed to his confidence as a young entrepreneur (Branson, 2007).
At the age of 16 Branson dropped out of the Stowe School to start a youth culture magazine called Student. Student was launched in 1966 as a, for students by students magazine. Branson made a list of the 50 top advertisers in the UK and one by one made phone calls selling the magazine’s advertising space. Richard ran the first edition of 50,000 copies for free, after he covered the cost of production with adverting revenues (Knappenberger, 2011).
In 1969 Branson began his virgin empire with the launch of a mail order record service. By 1972 the mail order record service provided Branson with the capital to start his own recording studio in Oxfordshire. After a postal strike nearly killed his mail order record service in 1971, Branson took what little money he had left and in 1973 formed Virgin Records. Branson had trouble getting the record label started. One of Virgin’s first artists Mike Oldfield was nearly finished with the music business when Branson convinced him to perform a show in exchange for Branson’s car, a Bentley which he...

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