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Managerial roles that I chose for Rick Federico include the leader role, monitor role, and entrepreneur role. I feel that the leader role is appropriate because Mr. Federico’s leadership ability is evident in the short video and he is already utilizing this role successfully. Specifically, according to Lussier and Achua (2013) the mark of an effective leader can be observed in the leader’s decision-making ability, the ability to influence others, and in their inclination to treat employees as assets. Han (2007) expands on our textbook’s definition of a leader and adds that establishing expectations regarding work quality, decision-making responsibility, and directing time commitments to the job are all outcomes of an effective leader also. I feel that based on the video Mr. Federico demonstrated competency in all of these areas. The second managerial role that I chose was the monitor role. Han (2007) explains that the effective monitor is constantly seeking to scan and monitor the environment in which he participates, much like Mr. Federico is seen doing on the video. Mr. Federico appears to have a predisposition towards this role that can be seen in his desire to stay abreast of current products and trends in the culinary field and identify those that are working well in his organization alongside his chef. In the video, Mr. Federico is seen inquiring extensively about how the customers as well as the other chefs are identifying with their products and how those constituents feel about choices that the organization is making as a whole in regards to their menu. It seems as if he wants to make sure that the relationship between the customer and the organization is continuously refined so that the customers are getting the best product and that the organization is able to offer customers what they desire. Mr. Federico’s need to monitor his organization as well as...

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