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Riddle of My Life

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When asked to look at my life from a Sociological point of view to better understand my story caused me to truly examine me. My life has had to change so many times throughout my life because of people and things around me changing. But if I am honest with myself I would still have to say I have always been me and been true to who God created me to be. So let’s take a journey and see if we can figure out the Riddle of My Life (TCO 1). My life did not start out as what socialization would call normal. My mother a twenty-five year old female who was told would never have children, been married and divorced, then married again to who would be my father. Six months into the marriage she left him because my father and his families’ social status was that of fruit pickers in the late 60’s. That was poverty in her eyes and she just could not live like that anymore. She returned to Oregon to live with her foster mother. On the first of March she went to see a doctor because she believed she had a “water tumor” which is what she was calling her condition only to find out she was pregnant. Not able to inform the doctor of when her last cycle was or when she could have possibly become pregnant because my father and her marriage was not conventional because my father was gay. My parents did consummate the marriage but that was about it (TCO 4). So on March 21, 1969 at 12:03 a.m. I came into this would to what society called a single mother in all aspects of the word. We lived in a small one bedroom apartment in Portland, Oregon. Prior to my birth my mother met a man who would end up being my step-father one year after my birth. Shortly after my half-sisters birth that is when the abuse started, I was only two and a half. That would have been when the social control came into play in my life I was to conform and be obedient (TCO6). My mother and step-father...

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