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In studying the difficulties of the company Research In Motion (RIM) it can be seen that there has been a legacy of leadership that may have lead the company to the downfall that it is going through at this time. On the website Glassdoor.com, the comments of former employees of the once leading tech innovation firm point in a direction that states that the company was slow to move on ideas and tended to promote people based on tenure and a sense of nepotism rather than on merit (Glassdoor 2012). There has been a growing sentiment from the people that work for the Blackberry creator that leadership is missing the mark with innovation and are not going to be able to keep up with the competitors in the market because of the lack of ability to manage IT projects is a concise manner which has led to the company not being able to field its long awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system (Glassdoor 2012) .
So who is responsible for not making the right decisions at the company? Who can the stockholders blame for the company not being able to keep up with the trends of the trends of the mobile market? To answer those questions one would have to look at who the most recent former leaders of the company along with the current regime.
Under the leadership of co-CEO’s Mike Lazardis and Jim Balsillie RIM became the company on the leading edge of wireless technology (Minato 2012). The BlackBerry brand was the brand of phone to have if you wanted or needed a device that was as much as a planner, life manager and all around Personal Digital Assistant as it was a phone. The company enjoyed the spoils of being a successful innovating firm which pioneered in the market and continued to have a steady hold on the market with its loyal customer base and corporate enterprise clients (CBC News 2007). As the company’s product line began to take hold in the market, it would be…...