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Rim External Environment

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Brief Summary of the External Environment


* Android 47,3% * Apple 29,6% * RIM 16% * Microsoft 4,7% * Symbian 4,7%
Smartphone manufacturing: * -Apple 23,5% * Samsung 22,8% * Nokia 12,4% * HTC 10,8% * RIM 6,5% * Others 26,6%

Mobile Industry Trends
It is anticipated that data will overtake voice as the major network tariff. In 2011, smartphones increased their hold on the market worldwide and this has driven forwards the usage of data.
“However, operators will start rebalancing tariffs in 2012 so that ‘access and data’ is the core tariff, with voice and messaging services bundled on top. This is opposed to the current model of voice being the core tariff with messaging and data sold as add-ons. Charging for data will become more of an issue for operators. This is because there is going to be much more data use that requires monitoring, but is still included ‘in the free bucket’. In 2012, operators will increasingly adopt strategies to off-load the ‘simple’ charging interactions that account for the bulk of the load on their Online Charging System (OCS).”
Mobile Sales
The mobile phone is evolving into a power commerce tool, enabling consumers to review products, run price comparisons, access inventory levels and make transactions both over the mobile network and the retail point of sale. However, while industry commentators have hailed the virtues of mobile commerce for some time consumers have not responded positively- beyond buying ringtones and wallpapers.
It is expected more retailers to create mobile sites enabled for mobile commerce. For a long time, web traffic from mobile devices has been negligible. Once it accounts for over 10% of traffic, as it does for some retailers, merchants start to view it as a missed sales opportunity.
A slew of services will be launched…...

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