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Rimmel London Scandaleyes

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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rimmel London is a cosmetic brand that creates makeup products. The brand is well-known all around the world. The key to the commercial's success was Georgia Jagger. She had signed a contract with Rimmel in 2009. Her first campaign was in 2010, which was a great success for a mascara. Rimmel used Jagger again because of her "creativity and eclectic London style"(Georgia May Jagger). The advertisement for ScandalEyes Mascara uses the seductiveness of a female criminal to entice the viewers to consider the purchase of the product. Rimmel, the speaker, is advertising their new mascara, ScandalEyes, to women who want to get the most of their eyelashes. The audience for the TV advertisement for the mascara is women. It is not specified, but the product is shown being used on the female model. At the end, the message is given from the voice of the male narrative saying, "The better the scandal; the better the look." It is a creative way to subtly talk about the mascara. With the product name ScandalEyes, it gives the mascara a wild image. The fashion model, Georgia Jagger, takes on the role as a criminal to convince the audience that the Rimmel London mascara will give a daring look. Georgia Jagger has appeared in many fashion magazines before signing a cosmetic contract with Rimmel London. The method of using ethos gives Rimmel an advantage because models are role models. People, in general, will take any advice from someone they admire or look up to. The advertisement use visual evidence that Jagger is beautiful and confident. She has the credibility to offer beauty advice. In the TV commercial, phrases are used to persuade the viewer to purchase the mascara. It leaves the audience with a thought in their head which is Rimmel's motto, "Get the London look." The appeal of pathos is used to get inside of a woman’s head. It plays with their emotions making them think that using the mascara will give them the look that the commercial portrays. All the appeals used combined engages the viewers and keeps their attention. The narration and description used in this advertisement persuades the audience that the ScandalEyes Mascara will give lashes a dangerous and bold look. The story behind the commercial is portrayed in an unlawful act. The model is getting thrown in jail for her arresting lashes. As she is getting her mug shot done, she admits, "Guilty." The scene right after is the evidence bag containing a tube of ScandalEyes Mascara. The strategy for the commercial is to keep a theme going on. The name of the product, ScandalEyes Mascara, goes hand in hand with the idea of the TV advertisement because ScandalEyes sounds like scandalize. It keeps the reputation of the mascara in the bad side. The alluring theme along with the well-known model, Georgia Jagger, encourages the audience to keep an interest in the mascara. The rhetorical situation is easy to point out when viewing the commercial. When it comes to appeals, it may take a couple replays to understand what the specific uses are. Georgia Jagger may have to be looked up to know why she was chosen as the spokesperson. Overall, the TV advertisement has a thought-out theme and dialogue to capture the need to show off their new product.

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