Riordan Hr Service Request Sr-Rm-022

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Riordan HR Request Service Request SR-rm-022

Janet Chase
BSA 375
February 11, 2013
Karen Knox

Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-022
Hugh McCauley, Riordan’s Chief Operating Officer, submitted Service Request SR-rm-022. In his request, he specifies a need to centralize the company’s human resources functions. With the “more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems” (Apollo Group, 2013, p. 1), Riordan desires an integration of all human resources tools into one platform. Completion date is set for six months allowing the new system to be in place by the beginning of the second quarter.
The scope of this project will follow the System Classic Life Cycle (SCLC) Model. This model allows Riordan to complete this project in stages with the results of one stage aiding the completion of the next stage.
High-level Scope: Deliverables (Mochal, 2007)
The outcome of this project will integrate the human resources systems into one application. An analysis of this system will define the business requirements for the new system. Based on that definition a team will create a detailed system design and a project implementation plan to be put in place.
High-level Scope: Boundaries
This project will affect the human resources department of all Riordan plant locations. All other departments are out of scope.
Low-level Scope: Process
In an effort to fulfill the request in the short amount of time given, an analysis of the current system and needs for the new system will begin by meeting with the stakeholders within the company. The following people or groups are a required part of the gathering process:
* Hugh McCauley, COO: filed the request and can be the motivation to a successful completion of the request
* Human resources: they will be receiving the new system. They know the current system as well as the needs and goals for the…...