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Riordan Manufacturing Final Bsa/500

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Riordan Manufacturing


September 9, 2013

Riordan Manufacturing This document considers the impact of external influences on Riordan’s business; assesses the current financial state of Riordan Manufacturing, using standard tools to analyze the income statement, balance sheet and cash position; examines the financial and accounting systems in use, and their efficacy; and, recommends potential improvements to these systems and their integration to other systems. These improvements include additional accounting software modules to facilitate reporting, internal and external audits, and regulatory compliance.

Riordan Manufacturing is a corporation that has several influences affecting business processes and its financial state. Most organizations are affected by economic, government, and legal influences to varying degrees. The key economic influences affecting Riordan Manufacturing are real GDP growth, inflation, labor cost, interest rates, global monetary values, and fuel prices. These economic influences have an effect on the operational cost and liabilities of Riordan Manufacturing. Tax rates, environmental regulation, customs regulations, and employment regulations are some key government influences that affect Riordan's operational cost and income taxes paid. Riordan is a multi-national corporation, the government influences of each nation Riordan operates in have different affects. The key legal influences are tax laws, environmental laws, custom laws, employment, and labor laws, and civil litigation per country that Riordan operates in.
Accounting System Modules

There are several accounting software modules useful to Riordan's business processes and Riordan's finance and accounting systems, each location has each of the components operating independently of each other.

General Ledger Module...

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