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Riordan Manufacturing Sr 022

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Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-022
Benjamin Fuhriman
April, 21, 2014
John Dunn

Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-022
Riordan Manufacturing is a plastics manufacturing company that has locations around the world. There are over 500 employees that are part of the company in multiple countries. In order for the company to properly maintain the employee information and other human resource information a service request has been submitted to consolidate all of the various human resource tools into one single application that integrates all of the tools together. This will allow the company to streamline human resource functions across the company.
Key Stakeholders
There are a number of stakeholders within the company that will need to provide input into the scope of this project. By gathering this input from the necessary personnel within the company it will ensure that the project requirements are complete as well as comprehensive so that all areas of impact are included. The first stakeholder that will be engaged is the Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley. He is the one that requested this project take place and he is over many different department heads within the company including Sales and Marketing, Legal, Operations, and Information Officers. Another key stakeholder will be the Director of Human Resources Yvonne McMillan. She oversees all of the department heads for all aspects of human resources. As we reach out to her the expectation is that she will assign a number of her managers to provide input from the various departments like payroll, benefits, employee relations, and training and development.
Information Gathering Techniques
There are many different techniques that can be used to gather information and requirements. There are techniques that can be considered more traditional and some that are...

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...Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2 BSA/375 Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 2 The application architecture and design determines the possible technologies used by information systems as well as the information, data, process, interface, and network components. This is the framework for the over-all design of a system. Riordan’s team will now need to decide which hardware and software Riordan will be need for their system based on the requirements needed for the new HR system. This part is crucial in order to build a reliable application through System Development Life Cycle phases (SDLC) (Valacich, 2012). Riordan needs portability, therefore a thin client/server architecture can be used. This should allow for the system to conduct transactions via the internet thru employee’s mobile and desktop browsers. Incorporation of the updated HR system with the current software is a requisite. To meet system requirements for integration with employee desktop computers Riordan should use a client /server architecture. This a high tech system will allow better integration of hardware, and will handle the payload. This is because of the client/server architecture dependability, scalability, Efficiency, and readiness. The client/server architecture is only as good and secure as its operating system, this is why the upgrade to Windows Server 2012 operating system will happen. Windows Server 2012 capabilities range from (Microsoft, 2014): * Server Virtualization * Storage *...

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