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Riordian Corprate Compliance Plan

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Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan
Learning Team B
Veronica Garcia
Maribel Rojas
Lorena Soto
July 23, 2012
Roger Rodriguez
The use of university resources and materials allows teach team members to create Riordan’s Corporate Compliance Plan. In the compliance plan students address the lawful responsibility of Riordan’s executives and presents solutions to situations, which laws have been violated and consequently propose corrective actions. Moreover, the compliance plan study includes relevant information, which further discusses Riordan’s enterprise liability, real, and intellectual property, the governance principles of regulatory compliance as well as international laws or aspects of such that Riordan must adhere to.

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan Riordan’s corporate compliance plan is not only essential but also critical to be in compliance with rules and regulations. The main focus of a corporate plan is essentially to focus on how the lawful responsibility of the executives of Riordan will manage and address situations that may arise. The compliance plan will also focus on what decisions need to take position when laws are not in compliance, when legal council is important and will establish what rights employees have and who individuals may turn to when actions are taken against the organization. Riordan Manufacturing has executed a business fulfillment plan designed accordingly to the organization’s areas of expertise of plastic designs. Riordan’s commitment is to operate and manage the organization programs with the maximum degree of business, ethical, and honorable principles (U.A, 2006). Employee expectations are to contribute to the business functions of the organization with uprightness and ethical standards. Management contributes to achieve these values by demonstrating leadership,...

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