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Rising College Cost

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College in today’s society has become less of an option and more of a necessity. When it comes to looking for jobs, internships, and even business loans, your education background is one of the first things reviewed. A solid education will allow for opportunities that may not have been available without it. In previous decades college was looked at as a luxury and therefore not essential for such opportunities. With today’s new fad of attending college it has made the job market extremely competitive. And with this competition the better education background you have, the more of an advantage you have over others. Many base success on your career and status which is often founded by a good education. Like anything, education has its cost and it does not come cheap. The average college student graduates with 26,000 dollars in debt. As it may seem college is expensive enough. However, because of inflation, the demand for a solid education, technology, and resources, college cost is increasing at a rapid rate that will not only affect the common student but also take a toll on the society as a whole.

Inflation is usually known to be the cause of the general cost of living increasing over time. Inflation causes the consumers buying power to be decreased. With the price of foods, goods, and services increasing, that also includes college. Naturally as cost increase we seek more income. That is not to leave out the incomes of college authorities and staff, they also expect more. That is one cost that is caused by inflation. Inflation also causes college cost of on campus dining, books, and materials to rise. This cost causes a direct impact of student’s finances. More is better and everyone wants it. Inflation is not connected by a particular act. Though we do not have a way to take total control of it, we watch, study, and measure it through the inflation rate and...

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