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Unit 18: Event Planning
M1: Assess the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements when planning a business event
When planning any event in regards to business, it is essential that organisational and legal requirements are met so that the operation runs smoothly and doesn’t encounter any issues from either a legal perspective or within your business team or with other organisations. As we are planning a charitable event, we as a team in our SGS College Business class must be aware of our own actions as well as how we interact with the charities, business sponsors and the college. Furthermore, the team will have to take into consideration legal factors such as risk assessments and taxation.
To begin with it could be suggested that meeting legal requirements is very important because if you are not abiding by them, the team and thus the college could be breaking the law. The main area of legal concern is to do with risk assessments. This is because as students will be going out to a remote area for a long walk in aid of charity, the college must ensure the safety of students. Because of this, they will have to walk the route and see if it is safe and then prepare a risk assessment report to elaborate on whether the walk is safe or too dangerous and also if there are any ways in which the college could assist in safeguarding the students, for example by providing mobile phones for communication and a first aid kit in case of injuries. The whole process of undertaking a risk assessment can be lengthy and also costly but is important requirement as if someone is hurt on the walk and they decide to take legal action, the college could be held liable unless they can definitively show that the risk assessment findings made everyone believe that the route was safe. This shows how risk assessing is so important when a business undertakes anything new –…...