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Risk Factors

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· r & Fr a nci s G ro Risk factors in enterprise-wide/ERP projects
School of Business, Southern Illinois University, Campus Box 1106, Edwardsville, IL 62026, USA

The purpose of this study was to identify the risk factors in implementing traditional management information systems projects, describe the risk factors associated with enterprise-wide/ERP (enterprise resource planning) projects and identify the risk factors in ERP projects which are unique to these projects. Some of the unique challenges in managing enterprise-wide projects which were highlighted through the ndings included the challenge of re-engineering business processes to ‘ t’ the process which the ERP software supports, investment in recruiting and reskilling technology professionals, the challenge of using external consultants and integrating their application-speci c knowledge and technical expertise with existing teams, the risk of technological bottlenecks through client-server implementation and the challenge of recruiting and retaining business analysts who combine technology and business skills.

In the past few years many organizations have initiated enterprise-wide/ERP (enterprise resource planning) projects using such packages as SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle. These projects often represent the single largest investment in an information systems (IS) project in the histories of these companies and, in many cases, the largest single investment in any corporatewide project. These enterprise-wide/ERP projects bring about a host of new questions because they represent a new type of management challenge. The management approaches for these projects may be altogether different from the managerial approaches for traditional management information systems (MIS) projects. Some of these questions and issues are as follows. (1) What are the...

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