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Risk Management in International Business with Special Reference to Bnagladesh

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Risk Management in International Business with Special Reference to Bangladesh

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1::Introduction: Due to globalization, it’s hardly to find any business activities that are only associated within only in local market. Basically, today’s business means international business. On the other hand international business consists of lots of opportunities as well as lots of risks. Being success in the international business depends on handling of the risks properly. If these types of risks cannot handle properly doing business will be very difficult to sustain in international market. There are risks in international business among them some can be handled and some cannot be handled. Here in this page I will try to discuss those risks regarding international trade that can be handled by using different mechanism. There are different types of mechanisms have developed all over the world to reduce these risks. Throughout the paper I have tried to discuss these mechanisms also. 2::Objectives  To discuss the theoretical aspect of risks and techniques of risk management in international business.  To discuss the risk management tools of Bangladesh.

2.1:: Theoretical Aspect of Risks and Techniques of Risk Management in International Business: In international business firms have to face many risks due to political uncertainty of foreign country, economic problems, cultural and language barriers, foreign exchange risk, price risk and so other risks. Among the most common risks are faced by organizations involve in international business:   Foreign Exchange Risk; Price Risk;

2.1.1::Foreign Exchange Risk: Foreign exchange risk (also known as exchange rate risk or currency risk) is a financial risk...

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