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Pedro Orozco
Global Studies
History of Drug Buisness
In this paper I will discuss the history of illegal drug business in the United States including the types of drugs that involved in the illegal drug business. I will also be discussing illegal drug syndicates and cartels a long with their structures and operational methods. Finally, I will answer the questions, if there is a better solution to the ways in which we fight the drug business in the United States.
The illegal drug business in the U.S. has different types of activities from drug use to drug sales to produce and manufacture trafficking. A few leaders, notably Charles “Lucky” Luciano, broke the rule of avoiding dealing drugs and used other gangs of the drug trade and developed sophisticated networks for importing and selling illegal drugs to the United States (Mazzeno, 2011). During the WWII illegal drugs were becoming less available in the U.S., traffickers had difficult times transporting drugs from overseas that were already in a conflict. After the war, drug trafficking picked up making the Mafia the lead supplier of illegal drugs. The Mafia’s were smuggling drugs into the country through ports (and later through terminals), where it controlled many of the operations (Mazzeno, 2011). These groups were mainly African American, Asian, and Latino gangs. These countries mainly got their drugs from Latin American countries via Mexico.

There are different types of illegal drugs smuggled into the United States each day. Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and marijuana are the most popular illegal drugs smuggled. “Cocaine is produced in the South American Andean countries of Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia; Colombia is the source of an estimated 90 percent of the cocaine supply in the U.S. market” (Lyman & Potter, 2007). The majority of the methamphetamine that is available in…...

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