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Rite Aid Store #6108 and the Leadership of Jeffery Pidlypchak

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Rite Aid Store #6108 and the Leadership of Jeffery Pidlypchak

C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People

September 10th, 2014
Rite Aid Store #6108 and the Leadership of Jeffery Pidlypchak Rite Aid Corporation is one of the leading pharmacy chains in America. The company operates approximately 4600 stores in 31 states, with a dominate presence on the east coast, and holds a status of being the nation’s third largest pharmacy retail chain (Our Story, n.d.). Store number 6108, located in Truckee, California is one of 25 stores in the district located in the Sierra Nevada’s and Sacramento area. The Truckee Rite Aid is the second highest grossing store in the district and has made great strides in the last two years of improving gross margin and controlling expenses. The store’s primary objectives are: meeting and beating sales goals, maintaining and increasing gross margin, controlling expenses within predetermined goals, increasing prescription counts, increasing customer satisfaction scores, and improving associate satisfaction scores. The store’s Primary leader is the Store Manager Jeffrey Pidlypchak, while the pharmacy is overseen, in partnership with the store manager, by Pharmacy Manager Robert Chan. Due to the store’s high amount of losses in the past, the store manager also partners with an in-store Asset Protection Agent to prevent and mitigate losses. The Store Manager leads a team comprised of an assistant manager, two to three supervisors, and eight to fourteen clerks.
Store Manager’s Leadership Practices To accomplish the aforementioned objectives of the store as outlined by upper management within Rite Aid, the store manager utilizes three primary leadership practices: motivates the store team to accomplish daily goals and long term goals, delegates tasks appropriately and effectively, recruits, hires, and promotes employees as...

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