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It is my great pleasure to strongly recommend you Mr. Shakhzod Mirzaev.

I have had a good chance to observe Mr. Mirzaev’s in both academic and professional development over the past 5 years. He was one of my distinguished students in Tashkent State University of Economy who performed himself as an initiative person and showed diligence as well as hardworking ability among all students of his batch. After his graduation, I invited him to work for the department of Foreign Investment of Chamber of commerce and industry of Uzbekistan which I managed in that period.

As a specialist Mr. Mirzaev could show himself a very talented individual, promising young leader with strong analytical skills and leadership potential. Especially, working in the sphere of business development, export promotion and investment attraction has enabled him to become a good specialist in these spheres.

In the process of his job I regularly read the analytical reports prepared by him and I should mention that no matter what he prepared (reports, statements, feedbacks, etc.) he always completed assignments with great responsibility and they appeared to be logically arranged, coherent and easy to follow. The same concerns were with his public speaking skills where he impressed people with his assertiveness and resourcefulness.

To sum up, once again I would like to reiterate my strong support for Mr. Shakhzod Mirzaev’s candidacy and urge you to support it.

Should you have any questions, please contact.

Yours sincerely,

Farhod Kurbonov (Mr.)
Program Officer
JICA Uzbekistan office
Tel.: (+99871) 120-79-66
Fax: (+99871) 120-79-68 (+99891) 137-13-44

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