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Rn Lifereview Interview

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Overview: Life Review Analysis
For this assignment, you will reflect on your interview with the older adult, introduce the individual to the reader, and respond to guiding questions to prepare an analysis paper.


Your paper should include the following sections:
1. Introduction of Older Adult – This is the overall context of your interview but should not include the entire interview itself.

2. Analysis of the Life Review Interview – This includes description of the goals and benefits of life review, your differentiation between a Life Review and ordinary remembering and your analysis of the degree of ego integrity reached by the older adult.

3. Student’s Reflections – This describes your personal experience during the process, any impact it will have on your clinical practice, and a projection of your own legacy.

4. References – This is a list of resources you used during your interview and analysis recorded in APA format. Use at least 3 in-text citations of your sources.

Use APA format throughout paper and references as appropriate. The paper should be no longer than 6 pages (not counting Pages 1-3 of this document and your page of references). If you have questions, please discuss them with your Academic Coach.

You must also scan, upload, and submit your Interview Consent Form in the appropriate assignment portal. This form counts toward up to 15 points of your Life Review Analysis score.

Details about each section are given later in this document.

Performance Objectives:
• Apply gerontologic nursing principles and standards in nursing practice across the continuum of elder care.
• Use current evidence and theories in care of older adults.
• Conduct a personal interview with an older...

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