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Roaring 20's

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May 13, 2014
The Jazz Age As the 19th century came to an end, the start of a meaningless war triggered an era known as The Great Jazz Age. The year was 1914, as the world came together and fought in a useless war. The naive Americans partied as news spread that the war had ended. By 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the term, The Jazz age when he published his successful book, This side of Paradise. This era was sparked with ideas of jovial times and world peace. F. Scott Fitzgerald quoted, “Though the Jazz Age continued it became less and less an affair of youth. The sequel was like a children's party taken over by the elders.” The music was louder and the alcohol consumption was stronger. The correlation of people and alcohol consumption was increasing as the expansion of rebellious youths and usage of Jazz music increased. The effects of the war, triggered an unconditional response that changed American ideals.
As hands shook, and papers were signed, Armistice Day marked the end of World War One and ignited a new beginning for America. Everyone celebrated the American victory of the biggest war of the time. In a way, the end of the war was a wake up call. The war helped open people’s eyes and made them realize that life was short and you should cherish every moment you have. Everything seemed to conveniently fall into place. Soldiers were reunited with their families, and the economy blossomed as more Americans carelessly spent their money on the pleasures in life. With the huge speed up in the economy, almost everyone was employed, and had money to spend. The Jazz Age or “Roaring Twenties” was a period of time after the war that basically outlined a celebration that lasted a whole decade.
However, the war’s outcome shattered the ideal thoughts of American lives as it...

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