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After spending a good amount of the semester discussing and learning about Robert Cialdini, it is safe to say that no good discussion on influence and persuasion can go very far without talking about the man who wrote the book on influence. After learning about Cialdini, we now know what he identifies as the six weapons of influence. The six weapons are reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority and scarcity. By weapons, what Cialdini really relays, are the six behavioral triggers that tend to create habitual and expected compliance. To see if these influences really exist in the real world, we made trips to places where we were going to be potential customers, being sold a product or service by someone. We decided to throw some variety in our choices, and ended up visiting a car dealership, golf store, and two privately owned golf courses. This paper will bring together Cialdini’s weapons of influence, and how they were used on our ventures.
DeLacy Ford
DeLacy Ford is a new and used car dealership, located on Transit Road in Elma. DeLacy Ford is one of the largest Ford dealerships in the Western New York region. DeLacy Ford is the second largest dealership ranked by sales volume (West Herr is number one) and third largest by on the lot inventory (West Herr is one, followed by Dave Smith Ford). DeLacy prides themselves on strong family and community ties, all while treating the customer with respect, dignity and low pressure sales tactics to ensure an enjoyable car shopping experience. They offer vehicles to suit almost all types of customers. Ranging from small compact, fuel efficient cars, to heavy commercial diesel engine trucks, combined with an onsite service center, they have established themselves as a true one stop shop for their customers.
The main objective for our trip to DeLacy Ford was for Mike to look for new Ford...

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