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The Sonnets of Robert Frost

In the sonnets, Design and Putting in the Seed, by Robert Frost, every word in each poem takes on a powerful meaning enhanced by aspects of poetry such as form, rhyme, imagery, caesura, and metaphor. Both sonnets are very resembling in form, but are a far cry from being similar in meaning, emotion, effect, and essence. Frost soundly blends all of the aspects of poetry in these two sonnets to make them delightfully unique.
The first sonnet by Frost, Design, is a very dismal yet captivating poem written in a rhythm of iambic pentameter. The first thing that struck me about this poem was the way Frost hooks the reader with imagery in the first line. “I found a dimpled spider, fat and white”, the vivid description of the spider is eerie and chilling, but very effective. . The rhyme scheme of the octave is ABBAABBA and the rhyme scheme of the sestet CDCCDD. Masculine rhyme is used exclusively in Design. Masculine rhyme added to the ease of reading this poem, which made it easier to identify the meaning of the poem. Frost uses the form of the octave and sestet in the sonnet very effectively. Caesura and enjambment are used in the octave to make it one long run-on sentence. Frost uses the octave to give the reader a visual picture of the spider and graveyard of its web. He uses a metaphor to compare the spider’s web on the flower to a “witches’ broth”. Using imagery, similes, and metaphors, he builds up the octave to conclude the poem in the sestet. Instead of one long sentence, the sestet is split up into three questions and one sentence. He enhances the meaning of the poem by bringing into question the innocence of the flower and why the spider was on it. And finally, Frost uses the couplet at the end of the sonnet to give the reader closure.
The second sonnet by Robert Frost, Putting in the…...