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Robert frost life in a nutshell

Robert Frost, called by Robert Graves "the voice of America" is also the farmer Poet of America. He has appealed to readers worldwide with his impulsive utterances, clarity of diction, lyricism and the significance he imparted to man. Frost's poems exhibit a realistic approach-a conglomeration of the metaphysical and the symbolic. As Mark Van Doren asserts" Frost knows to say a great deal in a short space. Poems like "Mending Wall", "The Road Not Taken" , "Birches" .etc exemplify that a poem must begin in delight and end in wisdom.
The very opening line of "Mending Wall" poses as a typical instance of Frost's inverted statements:

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall."

The poem which begins on a conversational mode proceeds to have deeper implications. At the superficial level, it appears to be a war of words between two neighbours. However it has other ramifications in that it alludes to any border, division or barrier in any walk of life. Frost also is a regional poet like Hardy, his Wessex being New England. The above said poem being regional, gives off universal evocations. Frost's social orientation is suggested by the fact that the poem was read out in 1961 as an indictment on the construction of the Berlin Wall .The tone is colloquial and has a easy manner at the surface. Nevertheless, there is an underlying satire and wry humour.

Frost's poems are noted for their terse statements that hold epigrammatic value. For example, "Earth's the right place for love" and "Good fences make Good neighbours." Though "Birches" appears at the surface as a simple nature poem in the descriptive part; its 'deceptive simplicity ' reverses our comprehension in the meditative part. The former part of the poem deals with the sight of birches which are a common sight in New…...