Robert Frost

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Have you ever taken the time to stop and just watch the snow fall from a cold winters night? In the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost, he did just that. Not only is this poem about that, but there is also something deeper, as this poem can be read on many different levels. Has this traveler made promises that he no longer wants to keep? While deep into the snowy woods, the man has to make the decision to keep on going or stop and live the way he has always dreamed of.

This poem may seem short and simple, but the implications beneath the story are much greater. In the first stanza, Robert Frost goes on to explain that the man is stopping in the woods to watch the snow fall, but he knows that the land he is stopping on is owned by another man. He goes on to assume that the owner lives in the village and will not see him standing out there. Could this be some sort of death wish? In the second stanza, the horse that the man had rode on, seems to think that it is strange that they are stopped in the middle of no where without any houses near. The third stanza also reiterates this by telling us that the horse is shaking his bells, a
way to ask the man if there is a mistake or if everything is okay. The fourth stanza is the most important one of this poem.

The first line of the fourth stanza Frost writes “The woods are lovely, dark and deep” (line: 13) is the first implication that this poem is darker then what is described in the first three stanzas. Using the word lovely along with dark and deep could be confusing to most. Is this his way of describing his own life? Has it been lovely, but also dark and deep? Monterio goes on to say “To say that the woods are 1) lovely, 2) dark, and 3) deep differs considerably from claiming that they are lovely in that they are dark and deep” (38). The man goes on to say that he has promises to…...