Robert Frost

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27 February 2013
Robert Frost
In the last sentence of one of Robert Frost’s most recognized poems, “The Road Not Taken”, he states, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. Considering he was widely viewed as an untraditional poet, this line explains his writing style precisely. He took a different path and strayed from the conventional style that many poets were so accustomed to. His work is unique and transverses between the work of nineteenth century poetry and a more modern type of poetry (“Robert Frost”). He writes of nature and its relationship with man, which is a result of the life he lived in the rural lands of New England. The landscape of New England and the dialect of its inhabitants became an inspiration to most of Frost’s popular work.
Frost’s poetry really took off after the death of his father. In 1884, he and what was left of his family moved to Massachusetts, which became the birth place of his poetry (“Robert Frost”). In 1982, he graduated with the title of class poet, and two years later his first poem “My Butterfly” was published (“Robert Frost”). The poem ended with the death of a butterfly which can be assumed to be a reference to the death of Frost’s father. After the success of this poem, though, Frost’s work was constantly being rejected by American magazines which made him come to the decision to move his family to England (“Robert Frost”). His father wouldn’t be joining them, but he still remained a big part of Frost’s life.
In England, Frost began his successful writing career. He met the poet Ezra Pound, and the two soon established a close friendship (“Robert Frost”). Pound became a tremendous help to Frost. He helped Frost publish the only two books he ever wrote while living in England—“A Boy’s Will” and “North of…...